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The Foto test is an independent magazine for digital photography  which is available for 6.90 Euro in newsagents Single issues can be also in our directory.

The focus of this edition, as always, extensive, competent testing at the highest level.Recognized specialists test for valid methods cameras, lenses and accessories. And we report on quality products from all areas of photography, from capture to image output. Accompany practice, knowledge, workshops and other exciting products and complement our state-of-the-art tests. The contents of the current issue can be found digital photography magazine

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For many photographers, the best digital camera must convince at EIM price-performance ratio. It is mainly due to the internal values: For example, in the image quality, the knackscharfe not only in daylight and should provide detailed images. Even when shooting indoors and twilight photographers expect considerable Photos. This property can be, however, manufacturers pay most handsomely. A satisfactory facilities and a fast pace also have their price. Or? Not with us: How do you show all the price-performance winner in the test and tell you where you get a lot of camera for little money.

Best Digital Camera: All price-performance winner in the test
We subdivide the best digital camera in three categories: compact cameras, which usually turn out handy and show therefore the most useful and travel. DSLMs and Dslrs that score with a large image sensor and interchangeable lens. And finally, ask professional cameras with full-frame sensor for all who make high demands on their pictures and want to save anyway. With interchangeable lens models thereby quickly draws a clear favorite from: System cameras. This value-for-hits do without a mirror box. This not only saves space, but also reduces the manufacturing costs. Nevertheless DSLMs are their DSLR precursors with mirrors in almost nothing after. Only the disappearance of an optical viewfinder distinguishes the two classes mainly. In the following, always-updated list we show you the three compact cameras that emerge with the best price-performance ratio of our tests.

outdoor foto tesetIf you have missed an issue of foto test , you can order these.Unfortunately, however, the expenditure 6/2008, 1/2009, 3/2009 and 1/2010 sold out. We ship to the following countries: Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, France. Other countries upon request from the subscription service.